Poultry Farming

The Grinder machines range, which was designed specifically for poultry farms, is the solution we suggest for the laying of the straw on the ground of sheds both large and small. Thanks to our two machine models we’re able to fulfill all your needs.

The strength of our machines lies in the capability of shredding the product and laying down the litter at the same time reducing the working time and the personnel employed.

With the Grinder machine models you’ll be able to choose the cutting length that best suits your needs from the many measures available.

The advantages of using the Grinder machines are:

  • Less time and personnel needed for the laying of the straw
  • Less usage of material for the bed
  • The possibility of choosing the length of the product based on the purpose
  • The possibility of having a solution for both small and large farms

Grinder TL

The Grinder TL model is the first model created by Forsacco. It is a compact machine, designed for farms of small to medium size.
When applied to a telescopic handler it makes the cutting and laying of the fiber a simple and practical process.

Grinder TR

The Grinder TR model is a machine designed for farms of medium to large size.
By working behind a tractor it can cover about a thousand square meters of space in an hour by grinding and lying down the bed without breaks, thus being optimal for large farms.

For medium/small sized farms

For large farms